Legal Aid Board

The Legal Aid Board was established through the Legal Aid    (Amendment) Act No. 19 of 2005, which came into being on 7th  October, 2005 to provide legal services to the indigent.

The Legal Aid Board (LAB) is committed to strengthening its institutional capacities in order to improve access to legal aid, especially for vulnerable members of society.

To further compliment this objective; priority is being accorded to the operationalising of the Legal Aid Fund. Also formalising collaboration arrangements with the Law Association of Zambia on the engagement of private legal practitioners to provide legal aid services on a pro bono basis is on board. The Legal Aid Board will also carry out policy and legislative reforms, and intensify institutional capacity building during the SNDP.


  • To provide legal aid in criminal and civil cases to people with means inadequate

  • To administer and manage the Legal Aid fund

  • To advise the Minister on legal aid policies relating to provision of legal aid

  • To implement Government policies relating to the provision of legal aid